Pakistan goes #1 in Test Cricket Rankings

Owais Mughal

August 22, 2016

Things may change again tomorrow but today its time to celebrate for Pakistan cricket team fans. Pakistan has reached number one spot in Test cricket rankings for the first time since ICC started the rankings system in 2003.

This is how the rankings stand today

  1. Pakistan (111 ranking points)
  2. India (110)
  3. Australia (108)
  4. England (108)
  5. New Zealand (99)
  6. Sri Lanka (95)
  7. South Africa (92)
  8. West Indies (67)
  9. Bangladesh (57)
  10. Zimbabwe (8)

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WAPDA becomes National Cricket Championship 2016-17

Owais Mughal

Year-by-Year Tabulation of QeA Trophy Winners and Runners Up:

Wapda beat Habib Bank to win their first Quaid-e-Azam title in Karachi in Dec, 2016.

This year it was the 61st edition of QA trophy.

Following table gives the complete listing of years the tournament has been played and the winners and runners up of every year.

1. 1953/54: Bahawalpur (1st) and Punjab (2nd)
2. 1954/55: Karachi (1st) and Pakistan Combined Services (2nd)
3. 1956/57: Punjab (1st) and Karachi Whites (2nd)
4. 1957/58: Bahawalpur (1st) and Karachi C (2nd)
5. 1958/59: Karachi (1st) and Pakistan Combined Services (2nd)
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1254 Railway Stations in Pakistan – The List

Owais Mughal

I’ve done a mini research on finding the number of railway stations in Pakistan and the number of stations I’ve found so far is 1254. I believe this number is accurate but there is a possibility of a few more stations – which are not there any more – and therefore are not included in the following list. My compilation of the complete index of stations is given below.

The list of stations is interesting to view, if only because you would read so many place names that you might never have heard of.
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Pakistan – 2nd Spot in ICC T20I Rankings

Owais Mughal

After beating West Indies 2-0 in the T20I series the concluded on July 28, 2013, Pakistan climbed up to spot number two in ICC’s Twenty20 Championship. Pakistan held this spot for 110 days till Nov 15 when they were beaten by South Africa in a T20I match and pushed down the rankings.

Following is the snap shot of ICC ranking of T20Is as they stood on July 29, 2013.

Teams Matches Points Rating
1. Sri Lanka 18 1875 134
2. Pakistan 31 2599 124
3. India 18 1689 121
4. West Indies 22 2041 120
5. England 26 2148 113
6. South Africa 22 1795 112
7. Australia 23 1753 103
8. New Zealand 25 1937 102
9. Ireland 12 568 81
10. Bangladesh 14 739 74
11. Scotland 9 435 62
12. Zimbabwe 14 478 48
13. Netherlands 8 181 36
14. Kenya 11 309 34

Shahid Afridi 8000

Owais Mughal Shahid Afridi completed 8000 ODI runs during the 2014 World Cup He thus became 26th batsman in the World and 6th from Pak to achieve this milestone. Following is the list of all Pak batsmen with atleast 5000 runs in ODIs. The list is updated on May 11, 2015.

The number in parenthesis is their world ranking in terms of highest career runs in ODIs.

1st (6th): Inzamam-ul-Haq 11739 runs at 39.52

2nd( 12th): M Yousuf 9720 runs at 41.71

3rd (17th): Saeed Anwar 8824 runs at 39.21

4th (26th): Shahid Afridi 8064 runs at 23.57

5th (32nd): Javed Miandad 7381 runs at 41.70

6th (33rd): Younis Khan 7240 runs at 31.34

7th (34th): Salim Malik 7170 runs at 32.88

8th (42nd): Ijaz Ahmed 6564 runs at 32.33

9th (50th): Ramiz Raja 5841 runs at 32.09

10th (57th): Shoaib Malik 5490 runs at 32.67

11th (70th): Misbah-ul-Haq 5122 runs at 43.4

(12th) (73rd): Abdul Razzak 5080 runs at 29.70

hum bhi to paray haiN raahoN meiN

Owais Mughal

A common happening in street cricket is that there are usually more players than a street can accomodate or more than eleven that are allowed by cricket rules. In such case all the aspiring junior players line up and the ‘khalifa’ captain chooses his pick according to match situation or his likeness.

Many a times I’d found myself in this line hoping to get picked up by the seniors.

Once i got picked up over a player who was 2 years my senior. To this the guy said aloud:

“dil toRne waale dekh ke chal……hum bhi to paray hain raahoN maiN.”
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Mumtaz Mahal of Karachi Zoo

Owais Mughal

Some of the public parks in Pakistan are one of their kind. Few months ago we had introduced the Haunted House of Hill Park, and today we will introduce Mumtaz Mahal located inside the Karachi Zoo. Karachi’s zoological gardens (also called Gandhi Gardens) has many animals to boast about. Animals are however not the only creatures at display here.

For the past 35 years a ‘maa-fauq-ul-fitrat’ (super natural) character is also kept in captivity here. This creature has a head of a lady and body of a fox. It is kept in a special pavilion called Mumtaz Mahal.

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