Pakistan goes #1 in Test Cricket Rankings

Owais Mughal

August 22, 2016

Things may change again tomorrow but today its time to celebrate for Pakistan cricket team fans. Pakistan has reached number one spot in Test cricket rankings for the first time since ICC started the rankings system in 2003.

This is how the rankings stand today

  1. Pakistan (111 ranking points)
  2. India (110)
  3. Australia (108)
  4. England (108)
  5. New Zealand (99)
  6. Sri Lanka (95)
  7. South Africa (92)
  8. West Indies (67)
  9. Bangladesh (57)
  10. Zimbabwe (8)

The ascent of Pakistan is especially worth noting because in August 2014 there were down at 6th rank. Within two years, Misbah and his men have turned the tide and reached the pinnacle rankings. Not only that but Pakistan has also not played any test cricket at home since 2009 which makes this feat even more remarkable.

While ICC’s current ranking system started in 2003, it recently extrapolated the rankings backwards all the way to 1952. The historical rankings show that this is only the second time in history that Pakistan has reached number 1 spot in Test cricket. Their first stint at number one was for a two month period from August to September 1988. The reason that rankings only go back as far as 1952 is because the teams played fewer matches before 1952 to have any meaningful data. There were fewer test status teams and even fewer bilateral series that took place on home-and-away basis.

As we know 10 countries have the status of playing test cricket in the World; only 6 of them have had the honors of reaching the top rankings. In terms of how many months a country has stayed at the top of rankings, Australia leads the way hands down followed by West Indies.

  1. Australia – 327 months of first rank in test cricket rankings since 1952
  2. West Indies – 235 months
  3. England – 106 months
  4. South Africa – 48 months
  5. India – 46 months
  6. Pakistan – 2 months

Here is how Dawn newspaper has reported this feat by Pakistan cricket team.




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