SNGPL becomes National Cricket Championship 2017-18

Owais Mughal

Year-by-Year Tabulation of QeA Trophy Winners and Runners Up:

SNGPL beat Wapda by 103 runs to win their fourth Quaid-e-Azam trophy title in Karachi on Dec 25, 2017. This was also SNGPL’s 3rd title in 4 years.

This year it was the 62nd edition of QA trophy.

Following table gives the complete listing of years the tournament has been played and the winners and runners up of every year.

1. 1953/54: Bahawalpur (1st) and Punjab (2nd)
2. 1954/55: Karachi (1st) and Pakistan Combined Services (2nd)
3. 1956/57: Punjab (1st) and Karachi Whites (2nd)
4. 1957/58: Bahawalpur (1st) and Karachi C (2nd)
5. 1958/59: Karachi (1st) and Pakistan Combined Services (2nd)

6. 1959/60: Karachi (1st) and Lahore (2nd)
7. 1961/62: Karachi Blues (1st) and Paki Combined Services (2nd)
8. 1962/63: Karachi A (1st) and Karachi B (2nd)
9. 1963/64: Karachi Blues (1st) and Karachi Whites (2nd)
10. 1964/65: Karachi Blues (1st) and Lahore (2nd)
11. 1965/66: Karachi Blues (1st) and Lahore Greens (2nd)
12. 1966/67: Karachi (1st) and Pakistan Railways (2nd)
13. 1967/68: Karachi (1st) and Pakistan Railways (2nd)
14. 1968/69: Lahore (1st) and Karachi (2nd)
15. 1969/70: PIA (1st) and PWD (2nd)
16. 1970/71: Karachi Blues (1st) and Punjab University (2nd)
17. 1972/73: Pakistan Railways (1st) and Sind (2nd)
18. 1973/74: Pakistan Railways (1st) and Sind (2nd)
19. 1974/75: Punjab A (1st) and Sind A (2nd)
20. 1975/76: National Bank (1st) and Punjab A (2nd)
21. 1976/77: United Bank (1st) and National Bank (2nd)
22. 1977/78: Habib Bank (1st) and National Bank (2nd)
23. 1978/79: National Bank (1st) and Habib Bank (2nd)
24. 1979/80: National Bank (1st) and PIA (2nd)
25. 1980/81: United Bank (1st) and PIA (2nd)
26. 1981/82: National Bank (1st) and United Bank (2nd)
27. 1982/83: United Bank (1st) and National Bank (2nd)
28. 1983/84: National Bank (1st) and United Bank (2nd)
29. 1984/85: United Bank (1st) and Pakistan Railways (2nd)
30. 1985/86: Karachi (1st) and Pakistan Railways (2nd)
31. 1986/87: National Bank (1st) and United Bank (2nd)
32. 1987/88: PIA (1st) and United Bank (2nd)
33. 1988/89: ADBP (1st) and Habib Bank (2nd)
34. 1989/90: PIA (1st) and United Bank (2nd)
35. 1990/91: Karachi Whites (1st) and Bahawalpur (2nd)
36. 1991/92: Karachi Whites (1st) and Lahore (2nd)
37. 1992/93: Karachi Whites (1st) and Sargodha (2nd)
38. 1993/94: Lahore (1st) and Karachi Whites (2nd)
39. 1994/95: Karachi Blues (1st) and Lahore (2nd)
40. 1995/96: Karachi Blues (1st) and Karachi Whites (2nd)
41. 1996/97: Lahore (1st) and Karachi Whites (2nd)
42. 1997/98: Karachi Blues (1st) and Peshawar (2nd)
43. 1998/99: Peshawar (1st) and Karachi Whites (2nd)
44. 1999/00: PIA (1st) and Habib Bank (2nd)
45. 2000/01: Lahore Blues (1st) and Karachi Whites (2nd)
46. 2001/02: Karachi Whites (1st) and Peshawar (2nd)
47. 2002/03: PIA (1st) and KRL (2nd)
48. 2003/04: Faisalabad (1st) and Sialkot (2nd)
49. 2004/05: Peshawar (1st) and Faisalabad (2nd)
50. 2005/06: Sialkot (1st) and Faisalabad (2nd)
51. 2006/07: Karachi Urban (1st) and Sialkot (2nd)
52. 2007/08: Sui Northern Gas (1st) and Habib Bank (2nd)
53. 2008/09: Sialkot (1st) and KRL (2nd)
54. 2009/10: Karachi Blues (1st) and Habib Bank Ltd (2nd)
55: 2010/11: Habib Bank (1st) and PIA (2nd)
56: 2011/12: PIA (1st) and ZTBL (2nd)
57: 2012/13: Karachi Blues (1st) and Sialkot (2nd)
58: 2013/14: Rawalpindi (1st) and Islamabad (2nd)
59: 2014/15: Sui Northern Gas (1st) and National Bank (2nd)
60: 2015/16: Sui Northern Gas (1st) and United Bank (2nd)

61: 2016/17: WAPDA  (1st) and Habib Bank (2nd)

62: 2017/18: Sui Northern Gas (1st) and WAPDA (2nd)

All Time QEA Trophy Winners:
Teams from Karachi have won the tournament a record 22 times, followed by National Bank and PIA 6 times, Lahore 4 times, United Bank 4 times, Sui Northern Gas 4 times, Bahawalpur 3 times, Habib Bank 2 times, Sialkot 2 times, Punjab 2 times, Pakistan Railway 2 times, Faisalabad 1 time. Peshawar 1 time, Rawalpindi 1, ADBP 1 and WAPDA 1 time.

All Time QEA Trophy Runners Up:
Among the runners up list, it is again Karachi with the highest number i.e. 10 times they’ve been runners up in QEA Trophy followed by United Bank and Habib Bank who have been runners up 6 times. National Bank and Pakistan Railway have been runners up 4 times. They are followed by Sialkot, Sindh, Pakistan Combined Services and PIA 3 times each, Punjab, Peshawar, KRL and Faisalabad 2 times each and WAPDA, PWD, Punjab University, Bahawalpur, ZTBL (Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited), Islamabad and Sargodha 1 time each.


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