hum bhi to paray haiN raahoN meiN

Owais Mughal A common happening in street cricket is that there are usually more players than a street can accomodate or more than eleven that are allowed by cricket rules. In such case all the aspiring junior players line up and the ‘khalifa’ captain chooses his pick according to match situation or his likeness. Many […]

Mumtaz Mahal of Karachi Zoo

Owais Mughal Some of the public parks in Pakistan are one of their kind. Few months ago we had introduced the Haunted House of Hill Park, and today we will introduce Mumtaz Mahal located inside the Karachi Zoo. Karachi’s zoological gardens (also called Gandhi Gardens) has many animals to boast about. Animals are however not […]

chiRya ghar

Owais Mughal I think Urdu language should come up with a better name for a zoo then calling it a ‘chiRya ghar’. ‘chiRya ghar’ at best sounds like a mere aviary or a bird cage. Probably a shameful place for a lion or a tiger to live in.vI once had a first hand experience of […]

The Mad House at the daak-khaana chowk Liaquatabad

Owais Mughal Karachi is going through a big infrastructure overhaul these days. Many roads are dug up for building signal-free corridors. This has shifted traffic load to lesser known roads. One such route, which is taking the burnt of traffic load is the University Road to daak-khana chowk (post office intersection) Liaquatabad route via Sindhi […]

Chinese & Japanese Characters on Pakistani Transport

Owais Mughal Over the past few years, Chinese and Japanese characters have increasingly appeared on Pakistani public transport as decorations. On my recent visits to Pakistan, I’ve been constantly amused by these decorations and took some photos. I’ve been fortunate to have a Chinese language expert at home as my wife so we enjoy reading […]

A Walk through Karachi’s Empress Market

Owais Mughal On my recent trip to Pakistan, I tried to re-live some of the fondest memories of my early youth. One of them was daily travel in public buses during my college days. In order to relive that experience, I decided to take a trip to Empress Market by bus. Photo to the left […]