1254 Railway Stations in Pakistan – The List

Owais Mughal

I’ve done a mini research on finding the number of railway stations in Pakistan and the number of stations I’ve found so far is 1254. I believe this number is accurate but there is a possibility of a few more stations – which are not there any more – and therefore are not included in the following list. My compilation of the complete index of stations is given below.

The list of stations is interesting to view, if only because you would read so many place names that you might never have heard of.
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Lahore Rapid Mass Transit – Rail Project

Owais Mughal

Last month there have been several news items about the Lahore Rapid Mass Transit (LRMT) Rail project. We have tried to gather key information from many of these news items and will present it in the following as one concise post on the topic.

The proposed rail service is the main part of the Lahore Mass Transit System (LRMTS). Other components of this project include the now under construction Lahore Ring Road Project.

The Photo above shows the Route Map of LRMT Phase I – Green Line

The LRMT is a Two-phase, 97 kilometes long project. A Hong Kong based company called MVA Asia Consultancy was hired the government of Punjab as consultants to prepare the project feasibility. The study of MVA Asia Consultancy completed 5% of project design and proposed four Rail lines in the city to share the traffic burden. The proposed capacity of LRMT is going to be able to move 35000 passengers per hour in the city. Funding for the project will be provided by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).
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Pakistan Railways Posts by Owais Mughal

Owais Mughal

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Pakistan Railway Discussion Group:

If you want to learn more about Pakistan Railways, then feel free to join the ‘Pakistan Railway (PR)’ discussion group. Everything and anything related to PR is discussed here e.g. preserving of Pakistan’s rail heritage, steam locomotives, sharing of photos and news, time tables etc. You can join the discussion group here.

Changa Manga Forest Railway

Owais Mughal

While the dieselization of Pakistan Railway Network is complete, there remains three little bastions of old-fashioned steam railway still in operation. One is the on-demand Khyber Pass Railway (a portion of which got swept away in 2007 flash floods), second is the on-demand Meter Gauge Network of Sindh province and the third is a small 25 km forest railway network at Changa Manga.

Photo above is a timeless narrow gauge scene on the Changa Manga Line. The crew of the 1927 built Andrew Barclay Locomotive takes an empty rake deep into the forest. This photo is courtesy of Peter Lemmey.
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Railways Through Bolan Pass

Owais Mughal

One of the greatest Engineering feats of British rule in India was to lay a railway track through the famous Bolan Pass. More than a century old, this railway track still generates an awe among rail enthusiasts all over the world.

Orders for a feasibility survey of Bolan Pass Railway were first issued by the British Government in 1876. Work on the construction of railways through the Pass started in 1880 but was soon stopped after laying of 31 km track due to the occurrence of famous ‘battle of Maiwind’ in the area. Work restarted in 1885 by rapidly laying a rail track in the bed of river Bolan and finally a steam locomotive rolled into Quetta in August of 1886. The present day railway track through Bolan Pass is the third attempt of laying railways through the pass. In 1889 a torrential flood destroyed the track which was first laid on Bolan River bed. A new track was laid at a higher altitude but that also got washed away. In 1890 orders were issued for laying an all season track through the Pass. This new track was inaugurated on April 15, 1897 and it is still operational. At some places along the track one can see the abandoned tunnels and the rail bed of earlier two attempts of laying railways here.

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The Trans-Balochistan Railway

Owais Mughal

Very recently I was reading a book on world rail travel called the Illustrated Book of Steam and Rail by Colin Garratt. It lists one hundred great railway routes around the World. Two railway routes from Pakistan are also included in this top 100 list. One of them is the historic Khyber Pass Railway and the other is the Trans-Baluchistan Quetta-Zahidan Railway.

The photo above is from Tozgi Railway Station located on Spezand-Taftan route. The scenery here seems to come right out of the moview Lawrence of Arabia.
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