Views on News

Owais Mughal

Photobucket Do you read news? Do you watch news? Do you listen to news? What do you get from all the news sources? In my opinion. these days news only mean reporting of crime, disasters, accidents and all the bad happenings in the World. The constant barrage of negative news from all around the world and through all major news outlets means making all human race paranoid. I am not a psychologist but still I can say with confidence that constant feeding of bad news is not good for our collective mental health. Why do news channels concentrate on negative news? My thinking is because fear sells. People get hooked to bad news even if not wanting to watch it. It is like this bitter pill which you can neither swallow nor spit.

There is another dimension to it. That is of time. With distances shrinking and communications improving a bad happening in a remote corner of the World can be broadcasted all across the globe in real time. People who listen or watch it get affected by it in real time while they cannot do much to control or improve the situation. In olden days when news travelled slow people in one part of the World would not have been affected by happenings across continents away.
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