hum bhi to paray haiN raahoN meiN

Owais Mughal

A common happening in street cricket is that there are usually more players than a street can accomodate or more than eleven that are allowed by cricket rules. In such case all the aspiring junior players line up and the ‘khalifa’ captain chooses his pick according to match situation or his likeness.

Many a times I’d found myself in this line hoping to get picked up by the seniors.

Once i got picked up over a player who was 2 years my senior. To this the guy said aloud:

“dil toRne waale dekh ke chal……hum bhi to paray hain raahoN maiN.”
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Children’s Poetry in Urdu: Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum

Owais Mughal

This post is an attempt to introduce one of most famous poets of Pakistan who has written extensively children. He is Sufi Ghulam Mustafa Tabassum.

My mother recently mailed me one of his books called ‘jhoolne’ for my son. For the past two nights I’ve been reading this book to my son at bed time and it has also taken me to a ride through memory lane, and hence the motivation to write this post.

The title poem to the right here is called ‘tar tar’. Sufi Tabassum is famous for using sound effects in his poems to get children’s attention. This poem uses sound (tar tar) of old cars (motor) as well as sound (cham cham) of a horse cart (tam tam). In 4 simple lines Sufi Tabassum has created this melodious masterpiece for children which is ‘hum-wazan’, rhyming and easy to remember.
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