Mumtaz Mahal of Karachi Zoo

Owais Mughal Some of the public parks in Pakistan are one of their kind. Few months ago we had introduced the Haunted House of Hill Park, and today we will introduce Mumtaz Mahal located inside the Karachi Zoo. Karachi’s zoological gardens (also called Gandhi Gardens) has many animals to boast about. Animals are however not […]

chiRya ghar

Owais Mughal I think Urdu language should come up with a better name for a zoo then calling it a ‘chiRya ghar’. ‘chiRya ghar’ at best sounds like a mere aviary or a bird cage. Probably a shameful place for a lion or a tiger to live in.vI once had a first hand experience of […]

The Rickshaw

Owais Mughal Today we’lldo an in depth analysis of the Pakistani motor rickshaw. The motor- (sometimes auto-) rickshaw was invented by the Reverend Jonathan Scobie, an American Baptist minister living in Yokohama, Japan. The first model was built in 1869 in order to transport his handicapped wife. Today it remains as one of the most […]

In the Land of Kunhar

Owais Mughal It was August 1992 and the second year exams at NED’s Electrical Department had just finished. To celebrate the big relief that came after hard work of many months, my friend Umar and I decided to go to Northern Pakistan for vacations. On the day of departure we reached the cantonment railway station. […]

Ziarat ke zaair

Owais Mughal It was September 1991. Along with two of my good friends; Umar Shah and Nauman; I was vacationing in Quetta. After exploring Quetta for two days, we decided to have a day trip to Ziarat. Little did we know that we were in for a travel treat, and hence this post. On the […]

khadda hai

Owais Mughal The term ‘khadda hai’ – which literally means a pot hole, is used for the cricketers who are bad in fielding or batting. In the streets where I grew up, a usual spoken sentence went like this: ye fielder to bilkul khadda hai – halwa catch chor dia (This fielder is a pot […]

likhe paRhe hote agar…

Owais Mughal I received this image in an email. Besides the obvious message, note how this ad was ‘calligraphed-as-graffiti’ on top of a previously cleaned garffiti. This text also reminds me of lines from a famous Lollywood movie song “likhay paRhay hote agar – tou tum ko khat likhte” I will try to find that […]