daal roti in Taipei, Taiwan

Owais Mughal Why am I writing a story which happened in Taiwan on Pakistaniat.com? The answer is because it includes a Pakistani’s quest for a Pakistani style daal-roti in Taiwan and succeeding. A few may actually find this food search inspirational. And since we are All Things Pakistan so this story is atleast A Few […]

5-Minti zabardast aaloo chole chaat Recipe’

Owais Mughal Last week I made this spicy aaloo cholay chaat (potato-beans-spices-mixture) for my office mates. It proved to be a huge local success. Now for the benefit of larger society, I am giving away the recipe’. I am also providing photos for the agnostics. What more should I say in its praise; it only […]

suno! aaj meethay mein kia hai?…Fruit Custard

Owais Mughal NOTE: Translation of all Urdu sentences is given at the end I want to start this recipe’ with 7 time-tested words of wisdom. These words are tested by myself over a time period of two days, hence proved: Never Judge a Custard by its Cover Ok, so after you’ve sinked-in this message, I […]

Halwa Puri on a Sunday

Owais Mughal This past sunday I got chance to buy halwa puri breakfast for the family. My brother and I drove to a halwa puri vendor near Aisha Manzil in Federal-B-Area. It is called Dhamthal sweets Bakers and Nimko. Time was around noon and I was surprised to find a long queue of people waiting […]

Rice Masala

Owais Mughal In my not-so-extensive vocabulary, Pakistani food can be divided into two categories viz., Any-day-dishes and Many-day-dishes. Any-day-dishes are those for which one prays to God to get any day e.g. nihari, qorma, biryani, haleem, halwa puri etc. Then there are Many-day-dishes. These are generally good for health therefore less popular. These are eaten […]

Bun-kabab in Naples, Italy

Owais Mughal We were recently walknig in the back alleys of Naples. The scene was very traditional Italian. In narrow pathways there were shops selling all kinds of merchandise from colorful pasta to miniature art, guitars to fountain pens and old books. There were children playing football in every open space. In all this traditional […]

Nihari in Singapore

Owais Mughal I asked the Northerly winds, I asked a university professor, I asked several taxi drivers and I asked my friend Abbas: Where can I fulfill my wish of eating good ‘nihari’ in Singapore? Everyone said ‘go east go west, Usman is the best‘.