Younis Khan – 10000 runs – The highest run scorer for Pakistan in Test Cricket

Owais Mughal

Younis Khan retired from test cricket yesterday (May 14, 2017.) He completed his 10,000 runs in his 116th test match and thus became World’s 13th and first Pakistani to cross this milestone. Following is the list of top career run scorers for Pakistan in Test Cricket. Numbers in parenthesis show their World ranking in terms of highest career runs scored in test matches. Updated as of May 15, 2017.

1st (13th) Younis Khan 10099 at 52.05
2nd (16th) Javed Miandad 8832 at 52.57
3rd (17th) Inzamam ul Haque 8830 at 49.60
4th (36th) Mohd Yousuf 7530 at 52.29
5th (67th) Salim Malik 5768 at 43.69
6th (86th) Misbah-ul-Haq 5222 at 46.62
7th (91st) Zaheer Abbas 5062 at 44.79


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