likhe paRhe hote agar…

Owais Mughal

I received this image in an email. Besides the obvious message, note how this ad was ‘calligraphed-as-graffiti’ on top of a previously cleaned garffiti. This text also reminds me of lines from a famous Lollywood movie song

“likhay paRhay hote agar – tou tum ko khat likhte”

I will try to find that song on youtube in a bit and if successful will add to the post here. In the mean time think and enjoy the ad below:

OK ladies and gentlemen. I have now found the song ‘likhe paRhe hote agar’. Read on more and get to it.

A guy’s shikwa on not being ‘parha likha’.

and a lady’s jawab-e-shikwa that she’s not ‘parhi likhi’ either.


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