Owais Mughal

(1) A Punjabi/Arabic poem on basant

And there is a lot more to this post below – to make your weekend.

I first got to listen to this poem two days ago and since then I’ve watched it more than 20 times. My grasp of Punjabi is not the greatest therefore I had to watch it several times to understand more and more words and everytime it made me laugh more than before. This guy is very creative!

(2) Sikandar Bakht’s Inswinger to Bruce Laird

On the morning of December 17, 1981, Sikandar Bakht bowled this classic inswinger to Bruce Laird which many still remember. Complete score card of this match can be see here.

Sikandar Bakht Trivia
(1) Sikandar Bakht played in the times of Imran Khan and Sarfraz Nawaz therefore he mostly got over shadowed by bigger names but on a given day he proved to be pretty useful bowler. His best performance was against India in 1979 in a test match in New Delhi where he took 8 wickets for 69.

(2) Sikandar Bakht was also famous for always bowling his first ball of the over by wearing sweater and than taking sweater off from second ball onwards.

(3) At times he could be nippy too. On 15th January 1978, Sindh Province’s Cricket team was playing a One day Match against England XI in Karachi. With a faster ball Sikandar Bakht broke the arm of England Captain Mike Brearly. This incident made big news in those days. Score card of that match can be seen here.

phir ek dafa ka zikr hai….Sikandar Bakht

Now this is probably not important but just a memory has come to my mind so I want to share. I was once playing in a Karachi Inter-collegiate match at Shadab Cricket Ground. It was Adamjee College versus Jinnah College match in 1988. Some time in the first innings achaanak shor uTha (suddenly a cry went out) that Sikandar Bakht has arrived. A crowd of 15 or 20 people seem to have gathered in a corner. I don’t know why Sikandar Bakht came to see our match. May be he lived near by and was bored or may be he just came to have few cigarettes. Sikandar Bakht along with few buddies of his indeed came to watch this Inter-collegiate match of ours. He sat in a corner and smoke few Marlboros and then went away after 15-20 minutes. As I said this is perhaps not a big deal but just a small memory of mine which came to forefront as I was writing this post. For College level cricket players like me it was still a big deal to see ex-Test cricketers of Pakistan from close by or in person.

OK. Enough Cricket for now. We’ll come back to it in a bit. How about some lollywood treat.

(3) Ruk Jaao Abhi Mat Jaao

This song is from movie ‘Ehsas’ which was released in 1972. Actors are Nadeem and Shabnam. Vocals are by ever green Ahmad Rushdi and Shahnaz Begum.

(4) Pichal Pairee

A song by a Pakistani band Overload. Song title is ‘pichal pairee’. In Punjabi it means a witch with her feet turned backwards.

The reason I wanted to share this song here is the captivating drumming rhythm and guitar. Such high-paced drumming reminded me of Boney’M days. Remember Boney’M? How old are we?

(5) Zaheer Abbas’ 108 vs Australia, 1981

Those who have seen Zaheer Abbas batting will testify that there is no batsman more stlyish than him in Pakistan. Personally I think Saleem Malik came close to him but Zaheer takes the cake. Look at this century innings of him against Australia in Benson and Hedges Cup of 1981. All his shots are pure timing and stlye. No where does he appear to be slogging and he still manages a strike rate of more than 98%.

Also check out the bowling attack of Australia in this match. It consisted of Dennis Lillee (highest wicket taker of that time), Jeff Thompson (World’s fastest bowler of that time), Geoff Lawson (he recently became Pakistan’s coach) and Terry Alderman.

Zaheer Abbas has ODI batting average of 47.62 which is the highest by any Pakistani and 4th highest in the world, with a criteria of having played in atleast 50 ODI innings.


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