Cricket Stats – 35 Years in the Making

Owais Mughal

which happened after a wait of 35 years. Pakistan’s win percentage (55.65%) in ODIs is now better than that of West Indies (55.52%). The last time Pakistan had a better win% than West Indies was in 1974, when both countries had played only 3 and 2 ODIs respectively. Pakistan has now played 705 ODIs and West Indies 619. Therefore it took Pakistan 702 ODIs and 35 years to finally get ahead of West Indies in all time ODI Win Percentages.

While all kinds of statistics can be throMany of our readers may remember West Indies cricket team as this mighty force which was unstoppable in any form cricket in the 70s and 80s. At one point in time WI had a win percentage of more than 80% in One Day Internationals (ODIs).

Today when Pakistan beat India, a statistical landmark was reached for Pakistan wn out there to prove one team is better than others, I believe that Win percentage of a team taken all over its ODI history is the best way to judge a team’s all-time cricketing prowess.

Following are win percentages of major cricket playing countries in ODIs with Pakistan surpassing West Indies for the first time since 1974.


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