Assorted Songs of Shehki

Owais Mughal

I started this afternoon by watching a Mohammad Ali Shehki song on youtube. Besides enjoying his musical mastery, the song also brought back some memories. One song led to another and before I realized I had watched his 10 songs. Should I also say that ‘gaane dekhta gaya aur post banti gayee’. Seen below is an assorted collection of Shehki songs. I will also try to punctuate the musical post below with some information about Shehki.

(1) payam-e-mashriq

Before we go on to watch Shehki’s more famous songs, I was happily surprised to find following video. It shows Mohammad Ali Shehki and Mahjabeen Qazlibash singing Allama Iqbals’ farsi poem called ‘payam-e-mashriq’. From the looks, it appears this song must be from 1970s.

Along with Alamgir and Nazia-Zohaib duo, Mohammad Ali Shehki is credited as the pioneers of pop music in Pakistan. These guys were singing it much before the trend caught on in 90s when every gorup of 4 teenagers started to form their own band.

(2) alwidaa

(3) hum raat buhat roay Poetry of Ibn-e-Insha

In the following clip, Mohammad Ali Shehki sings this famous work of Ibn-e-Insha.

(4) ek hi naam ke kitne chehray

(5) mere bachpan ke din

This is a famous duet of Mohammad Ali Shehki and Afshan Ahmed. This song was recoreded for PTV Karachi’s program Rang Tarang.

Music Composer: Sohail Rana
Program Producer: Saira Kazmi

(6) meri aankhon se is dunya ko dekho

(7) hain nazar nazar tere hi jalway

(8) mein bhi Pakistan hooN

Poet: Sehba Akhtar
Composer: Sohail Rana

(9) humma humma kar bhayya

This famous duet is with Allan Faqir.

(10) pareshaan ho ke meri khaak aakhir..

Shehki’s sings a poem from Iqbal’s baal-e-Jibrael


1. Mohammad Ali Shehki was a student of NED University of Engineering and Technology, Karachi. but later made his career as an Aviation Engineer.

2. Shehki gave first audition at PTV in 1973 where Sohail Rana chose him for the song sambhal, sambhal kar chalna hai. This song was recorded for Karachi television station’s program, Naghma zaar.

3. Shehki also took part in movies as an actor. His debut film Son of undata, (1987) and Choron ka badshah. (1988).


1. Songs of Mohammad Ali Shehki at


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